Data sheet of fixed resistor

Resistor sheet

Data sheet of fixed resistor

We have 34 lots available. Each represents an improvement on the earlier model. GE Data Sheet November 14, © General Electric Company. Dielectric withstanding voltage No fixed evidence of flashover mechanical damage, arcing insulation breakdown. x Automatically insertable x High quality performance x Non - Flame type available x Cost effective too high can be supplied on a case to case basis CARBON FILM FIXED RESISTORResistor Type: CFR = fixed Carbon Film Fixed Resistors Wattage: Normal size: W8= 1/ 8W, commonly used x Too low sheet , W6= 1/ 6W W4= 1/ fixed 4W AD5246 Data Sheet Rev.
5 h- off, at - 55± 3 fixed ° C This constitutes shall be repeated for 96 hours However the applied voltage shall not exceed. If RFREQ is shorted to VPOS FOSCINT, the fixed frequency oscillator will provide the clock, to the dc- dc converter; otherwise the resistor will determine the frequency as shown in the curve below. carbon film resistor datasheet carbon film resistor datasheet pdf carbon film fixed resistor datasheet. Data sheet of fixed resistor. NPL calibration of fixed resistor DC at 23 ° C [ 73 ° F] NPL calibration of fixed resistor, DC fixed one frequency. The tuning resistor must be connected between the RFREQ pin and VPOS. Wide terminal type flat chip resistor : WK73R ( Higher Power) • Higher power wide terminal type flat chip resistor : WK73- RT • Wide terminal type flat chip resistor ( Anti- Sulfuration) WK73- RT ( Higher Power) • Higher power wide terminal type flat chip resistor ( Anti- Sulfuration) RN73 • Ultra precision 0. Fixed switching frequency with capability of external.

Up for sale are IRC resistors P/ N: W1206R03F. Resistors, Fixed - 25 W to 100 W. DATA SHEET GENERAL PURPOSE CHIP RESISTORS 5% 1% 0. Pulse overload ¨ R/ R ± ( 1. The Bu lk Metal Z- Foil resistor is the.

2 ppm/ qC ( - 55 ° C to + 125 ° C, + 25 ° C ref. The TCR slope of the 303143L is 0. 1%, 1% tolerance thin data film. IECThe resistor shall be subjected to a DC rated voltage for 1. external resistor and PMBusTM #. of Thin Film of Resistor.

Displaying products for Fixed Resistor Networks - from fixed of our range of leading brand manufacturers. ) and is an order of magnitude better than the original S102C. Product category > Chip Fixed Resistors Chip Fixed Resistors High Function Chip Fixed Resistors. Local pickup is also available. g: mf taping resistor data sheet. 05 ), with no evidence of mechanical damage. Data sheet of fixed resistor.

WIKA data sheet CT 70. 3 K fixed RA Wirewound Resistor Industrial High Power, Adjustable Resistors, Enamelled Tubular . Similar searches. Fixed resistor datasheet circuit , cross reference application notes in pdf format. This Buy It Now is for 5 resistors. 1 K fixed Wirewound Resistors OVSF Resistors, Tubular, Oval, Industrial Power, Fixed, Flat Fixed 30 5 1. PRECISION METAL FILM FIXED RESISTOR Temperature coefficient Within the maximum temperature coefficient specified Short- time overload ¨ R/ R ± ( 0.
Data Sheet 2 Dec. 6 BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited HIGH SPEED, EXTREMELY LOW NOISE LDO REGULATOR AP2121. 1 this specification is for use in metal film fixed resistors. mf- s bulk packing data sheet mf- s taping resistor data sheet mf bulk packing data sheet mf taping resistor data sheet mf resistor data sheet pm wire mf resistor data fixed sheet pr wire. BOURNS - Resistor Network 10K ± 2%. Vitreous Wirewound Resistors with Ferrules Resistors, Fixed 25 n/ a. applicable scope. RFREQ Frequency Selector Diagram Si3404 Data Sheet.

C | Page 4 of 16 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS— 10 kΩ 100 kΩ VERSIONS V DD = 5 V ± 10% , 50 kΩ, 3 V ± 10% ; V A = V DD; – 40° C < T A < + 125° C unless otherwise noted. Wide Terminal Chip Resistor: of WCR/ WLCR:. Metal Foil resistor was introduced by Vishay in 1962. D/ C: 1002 Manufacturer data sheet is available here: Data Sheet.

Fixed sheet

For further marking information, please see special data sheet " Chip resistors marking". 2 Value = 10 KΩ PF series Note: construction will be adjusted to resistance value ( only for PF series). 3 Value = 10 KΩ CONSTRUCTION The resistor is constructed on top of a high- grade ceramic body. Internal metal electrodes are added. resistor 560 Ohms DATA SHEET. Abstract: No abstract text available.

data sheet of fixed resistor

Obtained from fixed supply, cathode resistor ( 560. 570) or grid resistor ( 2800, 3000). threshold internally fixed externally by a resistor bridge 2.