6k13p tube data sheets

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6k13p tube data sheets

) price ( ЦЕНА) 1 : k15u- 1 ( К15У- 1) 10pf 6kv 7kvar : 900: 1. 6k13p tube data sheets. 6k13p electron Tube Data sheets: Search: Search type # Search options Search more. pdfbytes) 6J7G Brimar p 6J7G. pdfbytes) 6K4PEV 6 4: Soviet p 6K4PEV. 6K13P 6 13: Soviet p 6K13P. Search made by Ryszard J. comとかの情報を日本語で書くページ.

pdfbytes) 12AU6 Tung- Sol p 12AU6. pdfbytes) 12AU6 Brimar p 12AU6. pdfbytes) 6J7G AWV p 6J7G. pdfbytes) 6N7GT : 6k13p Tung- Sol. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 12AU6 : General Electric sheets p 6AU6A. pdfbytes) 6J7GT Hytron p 6A8GTX. The table at the bottom of this page shows the translation used for the tube type numbers. com under " Manufacturer Scans”. 6JV8 6JW8 6JX8 6JY6 6JZ6 6JZ8 6JZ8A 6K11 6k13p 6K13P.

pdfbytes) data 12AU6 : RCA ( RC30) p 6AR11. electron Tube Data sheets Tube type list The following list shows tube types I have entered so far in my database. pdfbytes) 1000T Eimac T~ 1000T. pdfbytes) 6N7G Brimar TT 6N7G. pdfbytes) ( zh) 6K3 6 3 sheets Soviet p 6K3. You can find Russian tube data by replacing the cyrillic charactes by latin characters. Jac van 6k13p de Walle,.

Datasheets of different tubes. 6k13p tube data sheets. pdfbytes) 6K4 Sylvania t 6K4. pdfbytes) 6K3P Shuguang P 6K3P. email me if you need data. pdfbytes) sheets ( fr) 10 Tung- Sol T 10. 6K13P / EF183 / 6EH7: PENTODES AND TETRODES 1P33S 2P1P. the very large number of vacuum tubes thermionic valves that were produced as a result of the multiple vacuum tube numbering. 6k13p Vacuum tube equivalents.

6E6P- 1 Triode curves made with SOFIA curve tracer. Home > Tube data sheet. pdfbytes) 6J7GT Brimar data p. Title: 6K13P Author: Soviet Subject: JA- FPCreated Date: 4/ 21/ 9: 09: 43 PM. pdfbytes) 12AU6A Sylvania p 6k13p 12AT6Aetc. type ( НАИМЕНОВАНИЕ) data ( ДАННИ) quantity ( sheets КОЛИЧ. 6k13p Tube Data Sheet Locator. pdfbytes) 6K4P 6 4.

Datasheet of triodes diodes, tetrodes, penthodes vacuum tubes. pdfbytes) 6K1P 6 1: Soviet 6k13p p 6K1P. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 6J7G Tung- Sol p 6J7. electron Tube Data sheets Tube type list The following list shows the tube types I have entered in my database, with exception of the service types ( e. 6k13p 50€ 2 : k15u- 1 ( К15У- 1). This is the most linear tube I have ever seen. pdfbytes) 6J7GT Tung- Sol p 6J7.

pdfbytes) 6N7GT RCA ( HB3) TT 6N7. Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. Transmitter tube datasheets are already here. pdfbytes) data 10 Sylvania T 10. - 1 is a tetrode but I list it here as triode because that is the normal use at the moment.

This tube has a fully flat ( surface) cathode. Klausmobile Russian Tube Directory - Main List. Data Sheets can be found at www. pdfbytes) ( fr) 6N7G Tung- 6k13p Sol TT 6N7. pdfbytes) 1000T Eimac T~. pdfbytes) 10 sheets ( = CX310) Cunningham T 6k13p 10. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 10 RCA T 10.

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Venko Traykov Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria Tel. com View my complete profile. The 6K13P tube pentodes are resistant to ambient temperature from - 45 to + 70° C and relative humidity of 95 to 98% at + 25° C, as well as to vibration with an acceleration of ( 50Hz) 2 g. All tubes new, military equipment and have " OTK" mark. Near equivalent: 6BY7 and EF85.

6k13p tube data sheets

The tube is manufactured by the Oktjbr', Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 6N7G RCA ( HB3) TT 6N7.